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Following are remarks made by Premier Russell MacLellan at the
swearing-in ceremony this morning in Halifax.


Your Honours, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

On behalf of my cabinet colleagues and myself, I want to welcome
you this morning and thank you for honouring us with your
presence today.

At the convention last weekend, I spoke about the confidence, the
commitment and the courage that I believed to be essential in
leading this province into what I called the "beckoning dawn of
the new millennium."

And while I was expressing a personal appeal at that time, I knew
that this challenge would require the talents and energies of
more than one individual.

I knew that to successfully confront and solve the challenges
that face Nova Scotians over the next few months we needed a
strong government team.

I knew that to carefully listen and directly communicate with
Nova Scotians we needed a caring government team.

I knew that to effectively put into action the policies and
programs that Nova Scotians deserve we needed a responsive
government team.

We would require a government team that committed itself to
change leadership based on the fundamental premises of inclusion:

That would discuss before it decided.

That would consult before it acted.

That would be prepared to take bold, decisive action to protect
the interests of Nova Scotia.

Today I am confident that Nova Scotia has such a team.

I want to thank my cabinet colleagues for their unreserved
willingness to join with me on this mission. I feel privileged
and honoured that these talented and committed electoral
representatives have agreed to serve under my leadership.
And I want to share with you, and all Nova Scotians, the pledge
that I have made to them.

That, under my leadership, this province will have an unrelenting
advocate for its rightful advantages, and its promising future.

That, under my leadership, Nova Scotians will have a government
that listens to its people and makes decisions with them, as well
as for them.

Nova Scotia is a special place.

Ces trois derniers mois, du cap Forchu au cap North, j'ai
rencontre une hospitalite, une fierte et une determination qui
sont bien caracteristiques des Neo-Ecossais, et il n'y a pas eu
un seul soir ou je ne me suis pas senti entoure d'amis.

C'est dans les villages acadiens que j'ai eu certaines de mes
rencontres les plus dynamiques et les plus agreables, et je dois
dire que les Acadiens, par leur courage au cours de l'histoire et
leur fierte d'etre neo-ecossais, sont une source d'inspiration
pour nous tous.

In a world where many call for a separate society, or a distinct
society, or a controlling society, our community has always
pursued the ideal of a caring society.

This is the wonderful and extraordinary quality that has come to
define our way of life.

And it is this singular, distinguishing community mandate that
your government intends to honour.

Ladies and gentlemen, as seriously as I and my government are to
the achievement of these ideals, I will not fill the room with
rhetoric today --not when there's the prospect of a good cup of
tea and even better conversation immediately on the horizon.

In closing, I want to thank all of you again for your attendance
here today. To my colleagues and me, your presence is welcomed as
both a recognition of the historic nature of these ceremonies,
and as supportive appreciation of the challenges that face us

And in extending my appreciation, I know you will forgive me if I
offer particular recognition to some special people here this
morning--my children, Sarah and Matthew, and my parents,  Dr.
Lorway and Jean MacLellan.

And, particularly, to someone who couldn't attend today, in
respect to her role as a member of the judiciary, my wife Clare,
who is nonetheless with me at this moment in spirit.

My colleagues and I are looking forward to greeting, and
thanking, as many of you as possible --and to that end I invite
all of you to join us at a reception to follow these ceremonies
in the Atlantic Room.

Thank you all once more. We look forward to meeting with you


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