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A provincewide ban on travel in Nova Scotia woodlands has been
ordered by Natural Resources Minister Ken MacAskill. The ban is
effective at noon Saturday, July 19, and will remain in place
until further notice.

"Closing the woods is necessary because of the extreme forest
fire hazard that has developed over the past few weeks," said Mr.
MacAskill. "A ban on open fires was placed on Monday. Conditions
are not expected to improve over the next few days, so we must
take action to help prevent further outbreaks of forest fires."

The ban means that people are not permitted to travel, camp,
fish, picnic or pick berries in the woods unless they are on
their own property or have a travel permit from their local
Natural Resources office. Landowners may still work on their own
woodlots, but they are advised to use extreme caution.

Permits are not required by people travelling to and from
cottages, provided that access through a wooded area is by a
public highway or private road.

Permission may also be given to people who need to use roads on
Crown land to reach cottages or camps, provided the roads are
suitable for vehicular travel and are not under lease.

If in doubt, members of the public should contact their local
Natural Resources office.

Provincial parks are not closed, but travel is restricted in some

During the past six days, Department of Natural Resources crews
and volunteer firefighters have fought more than 25 forest fires
across the province.

"Our forests are tinder-dry and I urge people to respect the ban
on woods travel and understand why it is so important to help
protect our forest environment," said Mr. MacAskill. "I also want
to commend Natural Resources firefighting crews and volunteer
firefighters for the excellent job they are doing this summer
under difficult circumstances. Their efforts are very much

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Contact:  Walter Fanning or Robert Uttaro
          Fire Control Centre, Shubenacadie

          Susan Mader Zinck
          Department of Natural Resources

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