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Imagine a summer job that includes basketball, baseball and going
to the park -- and puts money aside for tuition. How do you get
that dream job?

Renita Bartlett, special projects/youth co-ordinator with the
Truro Boys & Girls Club, has the answer: visit your campus
student placement office.

Ms. Bartlett, 21, a second-year sociology/psychology student at
Saint Mary's University, tapped into the Student Loan Employment
Program, an initiative of Nova Scotia Economic Development and

The program is available to undergraduate students who received a
student loan in the current academic year and who plan to return
to school full-time. Under the program, students apply to
Economic Development and Tourism for funding by mid-February.
Those approved must find an employer who will provide job
experience related to their field of study. The unique element of
the program is that at least 60 per cent of a student's pay is
held back and applied directly to his or her tuition in the fall.

To Ms. Bartlett, and many like her, this program offers a good
opportunity to save money while gaining work experience. "I have
a hard time saving money, so knowing that 60 per cent of my pay
goes to tuition is good," she said. "It kind of cuts off on my
social life, but I'm sure it will benefit me in the long run."

With the Boys & Girls Club, Ms. Bartlett plans activities for
children and teenagers and helps them to deal with personal
issues. She also takes on a supervisory role as teen softball
coach. "It's a great place to work. I put it on a very high
pedestal, very high."

Ms. Bartlett has been a member of the club for about 12 years and
appreciates the services it provides. "Like all teenagers I had
some turmoil in my life, and I wanted to give back to it what
they gave me over the years," she said.

Craig Burgess, executive director of the Truro Boys & Girls Club,
said Ms. Bartlett will definitely benefit from the job
experience, as well as experiencing the club from a different

"Now the shoe is on the other foot," said Mr. Burgess. "She's had
the taste of running events, doing some promotion, helping out
with some fund-raising ideas.

"It (the program) has helped her especially because, as a member,
she gets to see the ins and outs of what a non-profit does, and
it's been a benefit to me because I needed some extra help. It's
a wonderful program."

Mr. Burgess said the Student Loan Employment Program benefits the
club in other ways. "The bonus is I don't have to look after
payroll for them; it's all taken care of."

Upon graduation, Ms. Bartlett hopes to work in a facility dealing
with teenagers in one-on-one counselling. For now, she plans to
get as much out of the job experience as she can. "I try to have
as much fun as I can in the run of a day."


Contact: Angela Campbell
         Economic Development and Tourism

NOTE TO EDITORS: Colour photos available on request.

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