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Environment Minister Wayne Adams will appoint a mediator to help
settle a dispute between the Resource Recovery Fund Board Inc.
and the Nova Scotia Fluid Milk Processors Association.

"I have approached a very capable and fair Nova Scotian to take
on this important task for the good of the provincial
environment," said Mr. Adams. "Their name will be released once
we have informed the two parties to the dispute."

The mediator will try to settle the dispute over an industry
stewardship agreement needed to sustain the recycling of milk
containers. The minister has asked that the mediator file a
report by Aug. 7.

The Resource Recovery Fund Board Inc. has reluctantly decided it
will stop accepting milk cartons at its Enviro-Depots on Aug. 9
because of the cost of the program. The program costs more than
$1.5 million annually, or about $26,000 per week. This money
would otherwise go toward helping municipalities improve their
solid waste and recycling programs.

The dairy industry has refused to pay anymore than $50,000 toward
the cost of disposing its packaging.

"The polluter-pays principle has to be respected," said Mr.
Adams. "Recycling milk containers has enormous environmental
benefits. The public has shown they feel it's the right thing to
do. Now it's time for the dairy industry to follow their lead."

Milk cartons are not officially banned from landfills under the
Nova Scotia Solid Waste Resource Strategy. However, Enviro-Depots
and many municipalities have accepted them from consumers for

The program has proven immensely popular. More than 19 million
milk cartons have been collected and recycled in the past year.
Mr. Adams said he will await the mediator's report before
considering further action. Meanwhile, the minister is urging
Nova Scotians to continue recycling milk cartons and other
recyclable materials.

"We have made a real dent in the solid waste problem. I am sure
that the immense support for recycling will not be lost on the
parties involved in this current situation," he concluded.


Contact: Paul McEachern
         Department of Environment
sab                        July 19, 1997         4:50 p.m.