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Environment Minister Wayne Adams has appointed a member of the
Nova Scotia Environmental Assessment Board to mediate a dispute
between the Resource Recovery Fund Board Inc. and the Nova Scotia
Fluid Milk Processors Association.

Steve Rankin has agreed to mediate a dispute over an acceptable
industry stewardship agreement needed to sustain the recycling of
milk containers.

"I have asked Mr. Rankin to use his considerable skills for the
good of the province and its environment," said Mr. Adams.

Mr. Rankin began his task this morning with preparatory briefings
on the issue. He will be meeting with both sides in the next few
days. The minister has asked that he file a report by Aug. 7.

A member of the environmental assessment board since 1995, Mr.
Rankin is president of Rankin & Associates, a consulting firm
based in Halifax.


Contact: Paul J. McEachern
         Department of the Environment

trp                    July 30, 1997 - 4:30 p.m.