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Guy Brown, Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs is pleased
to announce the extension of the 1997-98 Canada-Nova Scotia
Infrastructure Works Program. Mr. Brown received confirmation
this week the federal government will extend the completion
deadline for projects approved under the 1997-98 top-up program
until March 31, 1999.

"The Province of Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia's municipalities
requested a program extension since no approvals have been
received to date, and it would be unrealistic to expect that all
projects be completed by the original deadline of March 31,1998,"
said Mr. Brown. "I'm happy to say that our concerns have been

Steven Stoddart, president of the Union of Nova Scotia
Municipalities, called this welcome news. "Municipalities are
anxious to begin their infrastructure projects during this
construction season. The announcement of a program extension will
allow municipalities to begin the work this year and complete the
landscaping and other final details next spring."

The $43 million top-up to the Canada/Nova Scotia Infrastructure
Works Agreement was signed in February 1997. The federal and
provincial governments each committed $14.2 million to the
upgrading of core services in communities throughout the
province. Projects are carried out in partnership with
municipalities and other local partners who will match or exceed
the $14.2 million contribution.

Project approvals are expected to be forthcoming within a week.


Contact: Michelle Whelan
         Housing and Municipal Affairs

ngr                      August 8, 1997 - 9:30 am