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Agriculture/Marketing--Toll-Free Line to Help with Feed Shortage

Agriculture/Marketing--Toll-Free Line to Help with Feed Shortage 
Agriculture and Marketing Minister Ed Lorraine today announced
the establishment of a toll-free feed listing service to aid
livestock farmers currently experiencing feed shortages resulting
from the dry weather and as a precaution if conditions worsen. 

"Hopefully we will get normal rainfall in August and things will
turn around," said Mr. Lorraine. "But, for those producers who
have already been hard hit, and to make sure we are prepared if
the dry weather continues, we have established a system to help
our livestock farmers and feed producers make contact with each

By calling the line, producers can list livestock feed (hay,
haylage, etc.) for sale, make inquiries as to what is listed for
sale, or place their name on a list of those wanting to purchase

The toll-free number, which will be accessible from anywhere in
the province, is 1-888-423-1222 and is effective immediately. The
listing service and toll-free line will operate from the
department's Production Technology Branch in Truro.

The service is the result of a partnership formed with the Nova
Scotia Federation of Agriculture and Grain and Forage Nova Scotia

"This is a prime example of what can happen when groups work
together for a common purpose," said Mr. Lorraine.

The toll-free service will operate Monday to Friday from 8:30
a.m. to 4:30 p.m.(excluding noon to 1:00 p.m.).  The service's
current listings will also be available starting Friday, August
15 on the Department of Agriculture and Marketing's website at: 

In addition to the listing service, GFNS is actively working to
locate available sources of feed both within and outside the
province to fill specific feed requests from farmers.  It will
also facilitate locating supplies of more concentrated feed, such
as alfalfa pellets. GFNS can be reached at 1-888-678-4367.


Contact: Dwane Mellish
         Department of Agriculture and Marketing

ngr                August 11, 1997 - 1:45 pm