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Natural Resources Minister Ken MacAskill announced today that the
ban on travel in Nova Scotia woodlands will be lifted effective
noon tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 13. 

The trails in all provincial parks are also open and campfires in
designated grills are now permitted.

The weather conditions over the past few days have greatly
reduced the forest fire hazard across the province.

People travelling in the woods and using provincial parks should
continue to be extremely careful and remember that the ban on
open fires for all wooded areas is still in effect until further

"I want to thank the public for their cooperation and patience
over the last few weeks," said Mr. MacAskill. "I urge you to
continue to use caution when travelling in the woods."

Since the ban on travel in the woodlands went into effect July
19, there have been 115 fires throughout the province. In total,
there have been 297 fires so far this year that burned 477
hectares. Last year there were 248 fires up to this point that
burned 639 hectares.

"Department of Natural Resources staff and volunteer fire
departments deserve a lot of credit for their firefighting
efforts over the past several weeks," said Mr. MacAskill.


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         Department of Natural Resources

         Rob Uttaro
         Department of Natural Resources

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