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The Department of Transportation and Public Works took a piece
from its past to help restore a bridge for the future for
residents of Glendale, Inverness County.

After consulting with area residents and hearing about the
importance of the MacColl's Bridge to the community, department
engineers proposed a solution that would use stringers salvaged
from another bridge several years ago to help rebuild the bridge
on Trunk 5. 

"For safety reasons, we thought we'd have to close down the
bridge permanently," said eastern district director Tom Hackett.
"But after talking with local people we came up with a solution
that made sense for the department and the community."

The 8.5 metre-long bridge had deteriorated to the point where it
was no longer safe to handle vehicle traffic. In the plan
presented to area residents at a public meeting on Aug. 14, Mr.
Hackett said a portion of the bridge would have to be removed, a
concrete abutment needed to be repaired and the recycled
stringers had to be set in place. 

The result is a one-lane bridge capable of carrying loads of
approximately 20 tonnes. The restoration will cost approximately
$15,000 and is to be carried out in September.

"We've got creative people in the department who try to find
answers to concerns across Nova Scotia," said Transportation and
Public Works Minister Don Downe. "It's great that we were able to
find a solution on this bridge at a very reasonable cost."
Inverness County Warden Ed MacDonald said the community is
grateful the bridge could be saved.

"I just want to say thank you to the department for finding a way
to keep the bridge and that section of road open," he said. "I've
already had a number of calls from people in the community who
are very happy about this."


Contact: Chris Welner 
         Transportation and Public Works

ngr                   August 15, 1997 - 2:45 pm