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Nova Scotia met with the federal government today to discuss the
possibility of a third infrastructure works program.

Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister Guy Brown, along with
officials from the Premier's Office, met with Marcel Masse,
President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for

Mr. Brown said he was pleased with the meeting. He stressed to
the federal minister the importance of another program, given the
demand facing the top-up to the Canada/Nova Scotia Infrastructure
Works program announced in February 1997.

"The top-up to the original program will fund $42.6 million worth
of projects in Nova Scotia," said Mr. Brown. "So far we have
received over $185 million worth of requests. The need for
another program is definitely there."

The ministers also discussed the need for a more streamlined
approval process to meet construction season deadlines in the
event of a third program.

With limited funds divided among Nova Scotia's 18 counties, the
Infrastructure Works Agreement gives priority to core projects
such as sewer and water. Housing and Municipal Affairs works with
municipalities and the provincial departments of Health and
Environment to identify and address the most severe needs.

The original 1994 Infrastructure Works Agreement, which will be
completed March 31, 1998, has employed about 4,200 Nova Scotians
through 323 projects. The $207-million program was funded equally
by the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

"This is a good example of what can be achieved when there is a
spirit of co-operation," said Mr. Brown. "We are three levels of
government serving the one taxpayer.

"On behalf of the provincial government, I thank the federal
government for this initiative and encourage them to consider a
third program to help our small rural communities."


Contact: Michelle Whelan
         Housing and Municipal Affairs

NOTE TO EDITORS: There is an accent aigue over the e in Masse.

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