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More than 40 Nova Scotia teachers have returned to school early,
attending a summer institute on addressing the needs of African
Nova Scotian and ethnically diverse students.

Ideas for motivating students, recognizing the value of different
cultures, and encouraging students' full participation in school
life will be discussed by the elementary teachers from across the

"We are fortunate in Nova Scotia to have a rich blend of cultures
in our schools," said Education and Culture Minister Robbie
Harrison. "This workshop will provide teachers with opportunities
to share best practices and focus on what really works in the

Keynote speaker Dr. Gwendolyn Webb-Johnson, director of the
Office of Culturally Diverse Student Services and Research at
Texas A&M University, will provide both practical and
research-based views on developing multicultural schools.

In addition, nine Nova Scotian teachers will conduct seminars
based on their experiences working with Nova Scotian students.
Teaching strategies that recognize the contributions of
ethnically diverse students will be explored during the seminars.
Participants will also learn how to incorporate examples of
strong role models, such as combining examples of black
scientists into lessons found in traditional textbooks.

The three-day workshop, from Aug. 20 to 22, is co-sponsored by
the African Canadian Services and Student Services divisions of
the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture.

The institute is one of 25 offered by the Department of Education
and Culture this summer. Nearly 900 teachers are spending part of
their summer increasing their knowledge and skills in areas such
as distance education, drama, mathematics, entrepreneurship and
multimedia and other computer software.

"The impressive number of teachers attending these summer
institutes shows their interest and dedication to becoming the
best in their fields," said Mr. Harrison.


Contact: Catherine MacIsaac
         Education and Culture

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