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Premier Russell MacLellan recently met with officials of the Nova
Scotia Government Employees Union (NSGEU) to discuss upcoming
labour negotiations.

"I welcome the opportunity to sit down with the union and hear
their concerns," said Premier MacLellan.

Dave Peters, president of the NSGEU, and employee relations
officers Dane Percy and Linda Percy outlined the union's key
issues including wage increases, privatization, improvements to
the pension program and wage parity.

"We know these issues are important to employees, and we believe
that the collective bargaining process is the ideal place to
discuss these issues and to seek common ground," said Premier
MacLellan. "I would like to recognize the contribution civil
servants and other government workers made to get the province
back on firm financial footing, as well as their commitment to
the province through serving Nova Scotians." 

The NSGEU represents more than 6,000 unionized civil servants in
the provincial government. Negotiations between the union and the
provincial government can begin this fall.  

"I believe we can reach collective agreements that are fair and
reasonable. We have to achieve a balance that is in the best
interests of all Nova Scotians," said Premier MacLellan.


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jlw                         Aug. 21, 1997       5:35 p.m.