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Business people, government officials, child-care workers and
parents are taking part in the release of an information booklet
produced by the Nova Scotia Round Table on Day Care.

The booklet, titled A Tall Order: Meeting Nova Scotia's Child
Care Needs, is an examination of how these partners in the
child-care community can work together to support quality child

Release of the booklet takes place Tuesday, Aug. 26, at 10:30
a.m. in the Canada Room of the Maritime Life Building, 2701 Dutch
Village Rd., Halifax.

"We want to help people understand what's involved with quality
child care," said Margie Vigneault, chair of the round table's
changing nature of day care committee. "It's about meeting the
needs of parents, the community and, most importantly, the
children. The booklet is a guide on how everyone can work
together to make things better."

The booklet gives an overview of the child-care environment in
Nova Scotia and emphasizes that child care is an investment in
the future. Studies indicate children who participate in quality
child care have greater success in school, are less likely to
drop out and are less likely to be unemployed. Quality child care
gives children valuable skills they carry with them for the rest
of their lives.

Minister of Community Services Francene Cosman, David Rathbun,
director of human resources for Maritime Life, and Garfield
Hiscock, a parent using licensed day care, are speaking at the
event on the important contribution child care makes to society.

"Everybody has a stake in quality child care," said Ms. Cosman.
"It affects parents' state of mind, our family life and our
economy. This booklet is just one of the ways our government is
working with community representatives to increase awareness
around quality day care."

The Nova Scotia Round Table on Day Care has a mandate from the
provincial government to consult with communities and advise the
minister of community services on current and emerging issues
concerning the delivery of quality licensed child-care services.
Membership in the round table is broad-based to reflect the
regional, ethnic and cultural diversity of the province. 
Parents, child-care teachers, and administrators/owners/board
members for licensed child-care programs make up the membership
of the round table.

Everyone interested in child care is invited to attend the
release of the booklet.  


Contact: John McKee
         Department of Community Services

ngr                 August 25, 1997 - 3:30 pm