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EDITOR'S NOTE: "Windrow" in paragraph 4 is correct.

Environment Minister Wayne Adams has ordered a review of
composting guidelines for Nova Scotia.
"Composting is an environmentally friendly form of waste
management," said Mr. Adams. " I want to ensure it is people
friendly as well."

On Sept. 26, the Department of the Environment will release a
draft copy of updated composting guidelines for public review and
comment. "These new guidelines will go a long way to assure
people living near new composting facilities that their
environment and quality of life will be protected," said Mr.

The proposed guidelines will provide detailed direction for
facilities composting the full range of municipal organic
materials, including meat, fish and bones. The guidelines will
also propose restricting the open air windrow composting of some
organic materials. Until the public has an opportunity to
contribute comments and suggestions, the department will not
approve any open air windrow facilities that would compost meat,
fish or bones.

"The new guideline will be a co-operative venture between the
Department of the Environment and the people we serve," said Mr.
Adams. "As we go toward the banning of organics in landfills next
year, all Nova Scotians have to be comfortable the rules are in
place to ensure the solution to one problem does not create


Contact: Paul J. McEachern
         Department of the Environment

ngr                  August 26, 1997 - 4:30 pm