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The following Labour Day message was issued today by Labour
Minister Gerald O'Malley:

It's been just over one month since I was appointed minister of
labour for Nova Scotia. In that short timeframe, I have gained a
renewed appreciation for workers and the issues they face in
their workplace each and every day.

Whether I'm home in north-end Halifax or travelling across the
province, I never fail to be impressed by the calibre and
diversity of our workforce. In fact, around the globe, Nova
Scotia is renowned for having well-trained, hard-working,
motivated and innovative workers.

Our workforce is also incredibly diverse. Nova Scotians work in
occupations ranging from aquaculture to agriculture to
telecommunications to research to construction to transportation. 
While Labour Day has its roots solidly planted in the organized
labour movement, the definition of labour includes a broad
spectrum of work.

Think of a typical day. You get up early, read the morning paper,
eat breakfast, drop your children at the sitter's, take the bus
to work, spend the morning meeting with clients, go to a doctor's
appointment in the afternoon, and head home again, listening to
local entertainers on your radio headset.

In the run of one day, you have encountered Nova Scotians who
produce your food, keep you informed about current events, care
for your children, provide your transportation, look after your
health and keep you entertained.

For the past 25 years, my day-to-day work experience has involved
public service. During this time, I have witnessed firsthand the
important service that public servants, at all levels, provide to
Nova Scotians. From firefighters to desk clerks, they are
dedicated professionals. 

No matter what you do for a living, your contributions to our
economy and our communities are invaluable. Regardless of your
role, the Department of Labour is here to work with you and for

We are here to provide a network of support to workers and
employers in Nova Scotia. We are here to ensure that labour laws
are fair, balanced and up-to-date. We are working to ensure that
Nova Scotia is a good place for workers to work and for business
to do business. 
Today, more than 100 years after the first Labour Day was
celebrated, Nova Scotians face many new challenges in the
workplace. At the same time, there are many new opportunities.
More and more, businesses are choosing Nova Scotia as a place to
call home --and one of the biggest drawing cards is our

On this Labour Day, I'd like to thank Nova Scotia's workers, past
and present, for making such a positive difference in our
province. I look forward to working with you in the months ahead.

Have a safe and happy Labour Day.


Contact: Jennifer MacIsaac
         Department of Labour
         902-424-4680 or 902-424-3219

ngr                August 27, 1997 - 11:30 am