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There'll soon be a new home for business in the Yarmouth area.
The South West Shore Development Authority (SWSDA) is renovating
a building on the former Dominion Textile property to turn it
into an industrial complex. 

To help transform the Water Street property, Nova Scotia Economic
Development and Tourism is providing SWSDA with a $200,000 loan
and a $250,000 non-repayable contribution toward the project.
Human Resources Minister Allister Surette made the announcement
today on behalf of Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic
Development and Tourism.

"We're helping the community help itself," said Mr. Surette,
chair of Team South West, a special cabinet committee formed to
deal with economic concerns in the area. "This investment is
about enhancing Yarmouth's industrial base. The complex will
provide us with new facilities suitable for manufacturing and
other industrial uses, and that will translate into long-term
jobs for the area."

The 7,000-square-metre (75,000-square-foot) refurbished building
will be a valuable asset to the community, said Frank Anderson,
SWSDA's executive director. "We've already had success turning
another vacant Domtex building into a positive asset. This
project is a natural extension of that process and will help put
people back to work."

Already, Tech Pak Inc. has set up a moulding operation in part of
the new building and employs 25 people on site. SWSDA is now
working with Team South West and provincial staff to locate a
manufacturer for the remaining 4,600 square metres (50,000 square
feet) of space. 

"We're pleased that the government of Nova Scotia is supporting
our community," said Yarmouth Mayor Charles Crosby. "We're also
pleased to welcome Tech Pak Inc. and look forward to the company
becoming a prosperous partner with our community." 

Renovation work is scheduled to begin immediately, providing
construction jobs for 15 people. That work will include
subdividing the building, installing heating and grading the
docking area to accommodate large trailers. In the longer term,
project sponsors expect the mall to support 50 permanent
full-time staff. 


Contact: Angela Poirier
         Economic Development and Tourism

         David Warner
         South West Shore Development Authority

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