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Employees at the Department of Health are responding to an urgent
need by donating blood at the office today, Sept. 2. A mobile Red
Cross blood donor clinic is being set up in the Joseph Howe
Building, 1690 Hollis St., Halifax, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"Staff at the department are working together with the Red Cross
and other government departments to do their part in responding
to the immediate need for blood," said Health Minister Jim Smith.
"Bringing the clinic directly to the employees is generating a
positive response. We must all work together to ensure the blood
supply to hospitals is not interrupted."

The Red Cross is continuing to collect blood donations until the
new Blood Authority takes over. Before every donation, each
volunteer donor must answer questions during a private interview
about his or her health. All donors must provide identification
with a signature or photo.

"This joint partnership is very exciting and demonstrates the
commitment Nova Scotians have to patients in the hospital," said
Dianne Korim, Red Cross centre director. "Each donation can save
up to four patients."

Most people in good health and who are 17 years old can become
regular blood donors.  

"I strongly encourage all Nova Scotians to go to their local Red
Cross to give the gift of life," said Dr. Smith. 

Media are invited for a photo opportunity with Dr. Smith and Ed
Cramm, the deputy minister of health, who will be donating blood
at noon.


Contact: Sue McKeage
         Department of Health

ngr                 September 2, 1997 - 9:05 am