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The provincial government and the Union of Nova Scotia
Municipalities (UNSM) have taken a major step towards the
resolution of a number of ongoing areas of concern between the
two levels of government.

Staff and table officers from the UNSM met Wednesday, Aug. 27,
with Premier Russell MacLellan, Housing and Municipal Affairs
Minister Guy Brown and senior members of their staffs, to devise
a format that would encourage continuing dialogue towards solving
short- and long-term issues currently facing them.

It was agreed that a high level steering committee representing
both levels of government be established immediately to discuss
possible solutions to short-term issues such as the municipal
contribution to education, community services, transportation and
bridges. The committee will also look at longer term concerns
such as better advance communications between government levels
and co-operation that would allow municipalities to better
control their budget planning.

UNSM representatives attending included president Steven
Stoddard, warden for Barrington;  UNSM vice-president, Halifax
Regional Municipality Mayor Walter Fitzgerald; past-president,
New Glasgow Mayor Ann MacLean and Bridgewater Mayor Ernie
Bolivar, who is the UNSM secretary-treasurer.

In addition to the UNSM table officers, the steering committee
would include the premier, the minister of Housing and Municipal
Affairs, and the ministers of Education, Community Services and
Transportation and Public Works as appropriate.

"The problems that exist between the provincial government and
the municipalities, particularly in the area of communication and
trust, must be addressed immediately, said the premier. "And I'm
delighted with the level of co-operation and agreement that was

UNSM president Stoddard supported the premier's comments saying,
"The meeting was open, spirited and candid, and while we have
some ways to go I'm pleased with the start we have made."


Contact: Peter MacLellan
         Premier's Office


         Ken Simpson
         Executive Director, UNSM

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