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NOTE TO EDITORS: The following is a message from Lt.-Gov. James
Kinley on the death of the Princess of Wales.

All Nova Scotians are shocked and saddened by the tragic death of
Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Princess of Wales is remembered fondly by Nova Scotians from
the time that she visited Nova Scoria in June 1983. Her
charismatic personality and her genuine concern for disadvantaged
people have won for her recognition worldwide. We in Nova Scotia
have followed with admiration her humanitarian activities around
the world on behalf of many charities and people who have been
overcome by misfortune through illness and war. 

Most recently, we have been greatly impressed by her courageous
actions to have anti-personnel mines banned throughout the world.
Now, unexpected misfortune has taken her life, but she leaves
with us the legacy of a beautiful princess, a loving mother, and
a caring person who will continue to be an inspiration to us all.

On behalf of the people of Nova Scotia, I extend our condolences
to her two sons, William and Harry, to the Royal Family, and to
her own Spencer family.


ngr               September 3, 1997 - 9:00 am