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The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Public Works has
taken steps to improve its tendering process for the next road
construction season. 

At a recent meeting, the minister, Don Downe, assured the Nova
Scotia Roadbuilders Association that tenders for road work will
be called much earlier for the 1998 season, with some jobs being
available to bid on as early as this fall.

"We recognize the importance of getting these tenders out early,"
said Mr. Downe. "It allows people in the road-building industry
and their suppliers to plan their peak business season more
effectively, and it also means seasonal workers get on the job

The province should also benefit with the potential for lower
bids by allowing the industry more time to prepare for the work
season, the minister said.

Greg Burke, president of the Nova Scotia Roadbuilders
Association, said this is great news for the industry. "An early
start means a lot when the construction season is a short one. We
are very happy the department has heard our concerns about
tenders and is working with us. We all win here."

The process allows government to call tenders for a certain
percentage of work in advance of final budget approvals available
in the spring.

"We can work with numbers equivalent to 50 per cent of the
previous year's capital budget. That's about $60 million," said
Mr. Downe. "It's enough to allow a lot of work to be scheduled in

High-priority projects are already well into the planning stage,
so those tenders can be called early. Work would not begin until
after the new fiscal year starts on April 1, 1998. 

This year, the department has tendered about 90 per cent of its
$120-million capital budget for road work. Some 390 kilometres of
road are being repaved this construction season as part of the
department's commitment to Better Roads for Nova Scotia.


Contact: Chris Welner
         Transportation and Public Works

ngr                September 3, 1997              10:55 am