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Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre has taken its final bow at the
close of another successful season. The festival had a 10 per
cent increase in attendance this year, building on a 28 per cent
increase last season.

Festival co-ordinator Addy Doucette said the festival's
continuing success can be attributed not only to great plays, but
also to much-needed renovations at the Bauer Theatre.

"The new deck area and the wheelchair ramp have become real
assets as far as customer service," she said. "There have been
lots of nights when dozens of new faces are in the audience. So,
we're really drawing a lot of tourists."

In 1996 Nova Scotia Economic Development and Tourism contributed
$100,000, through the Community Opportunities Fund, toward the
$701,000 theatre renovation project. The improvements included a
new air-conditioning system, semi-circular seating, a thrust
stage, and new washrooms.

The department contributed an additional $80,000 this year for
the second and final phase of the project, which included the
installation of the wheelchair ramp and outside reception deck,
and the addition of an entrance for actors and new storage space
at the back of the building. 

"The theatre renovation project is yet another example of a
community building on its strengths," said Manning MacDonald,
Minister of Economic Development and Tourism. "Government is
committed to tourism initiatives that help spur activity in Nova
Scotia communities. Festival Antigonish is a major draw for the
area every summer. Improvements to the theatre mean increased
local and visitor participation, and in turn, increased economic
activity in the area."

The Community Opportunities Fund provides funding for projects
that create lasting benefits to the local economies and
contribute to the achievement of regional community economic
development plans. Additional funding for the theatre renovation
project came from St. Francis Xavier University, Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency, and private and public donors.  

Ms. Doucette said the project has given the community a whole new
sense of pride in the area and in the theatre. "Everyone is very
proud and pleased to have a world-class performance place in
their community. The project has had an enormous impact on both
the artistic and local communities."


Contact: Angela Campbell
         Economic Development and Tourism

ngr                  September 4, 1997           10:50 am