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The waterfront boardwalk in Sydney is being extended and spruced
up, thanks to a project announced today by the provincial and
municipal governments.

The province is contributing $225,000 and Cape Breton Regional
Municipality $115,000 to the project. The Sydney Waterfront
Development Corp. will oversee the improvements of the boardwalk
and Lydon Lynch Architectures will continue construction.

The boardwalk will be extended from the Royal Cape Breton Yacht
Club to the cruise ship docking facility at the newly completed
government wharf. This extension covers almost two city blocks
and will provide a link from the public boardwalk to Esplanade
Street all the way to the wharf.

Landscaping improvements by the Heritage Statute and the
mini-park in memory of merchant mariners will also enhance the
area. Also, additional landscaping along the south end of the
boardwalk to the fire hall will improve the east side of the
Esplanade. All of these improvements create a natural link to
hotels and the downtown retail area.

"The construction of the boardwalk has really added to the scenic
value of the Sydney harbour area and helped to rejuvenate the
downtown area and hotels," said Manning MacDonald, Minister of
Economic Development and Tourism. "This project is good for
tourism and for local people who now have a place to walk along
the harbour. This project builds on community strength to help
create a sound economic future."

Sydney's boardwalk has already fostered a number of festivals and
community-based events that take place during the summer. These
events draw people to the area who help support nearby

"The extension of the boardwalk to the newly constructed
government wharf will draw even more people to our area,
especially tourists that come into ports on cruise ships," said
Sydney Mayor John Coady. "Beautification of the harbour benefits
everyone within Sydney and beyond, and it gives me great pleasure
to see people using our facilities every day."

The Sydney waterfront development project began six years ago.
About $7 million has been spent on renovations, including
building a boardwalk, improving landscaping and providing links
with major hotels along the waterfront. 

The 1960's Civic Centre, which is the main entrance off Esplanade
Street to the waterfront, was refurbished to become a Civic Plaza
with parking and landscaped lawns. A new public marina has
increased boating in the area, and about a kilometre of
landscaped public boardwalk has been constructed to date. The
lower level of the building, which used to house the police
station, is being renovated for restaurants and businesses that
link directly to the boardwalk.

A number of indirect jobs has resulted from the construction
phases, and about 15 direct jobs will result once the retail
outlets are open for business.


Contact: Renee Field
         Economic Development and Tourism

ngr                   September 8, 1997                12:00 pm