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Human rights activist Mukhtyar Tomar was recently appointed to
the board of commissioners at the Nova Scotia Human Rights

Mr. Tomar comes to the commission with a long history of
involvement in human rights issues, said executive director Wayne
MacKay in announcing the appointment.

The new commissioner is a former president of the Multicultural
Association of Nova Scotia, a part-time member of the Canadian
Human Rights Tribunal, and a member of the community relations
and human rights committee for Halifax Regional Municipality.

Members of the board of commissioners are appointed by the
minister responsible for the Human Rights Act. The voluntary body
currently comprises six commissioners and a chairperson.

The board, which meets monthly, is responsible for developing a
human rights public information and education program, conducting
and encouraging research by universities and other bodies in the
field of human rights, and assisting government departments in
co-ordinating their human rights activities.

Meanwhile, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission also announced
it has hired Rhonda Holtz as its new co-ordinator of
communications and public education. Ms. Holtz has spent the past
eight years working as a communications officer in various
federal government departments. 


Contact: Wayne MacKay
         Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission

ngr                  September 9, 1997               3:05 pm