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Agriculture and Marketing Minister Ed Lorraine today announced
the establishment of a $3-million short-term loan program to
assist Nova Scotia beef producers. The program is effective
immediately to Dec. 31, 1997, and will be increased to a maximum
of $7 million, depending on demand.

"The beef industry has faced a number of challenges in the last
few years and we want to support it as much as we can," said Mr.
Lorraine. "This loan program will give the industry access to
some immediate financial support while we work at addressing the
22 recommendations made by the Beef Task Force and while beef
producers continue to deal with any setbacks from this summer's
dry weather."

The new loan program will be administered by the Nova Scotia Farm
Loan Board. Approval for loans will be based on producers'
individual credit applications. Loans must be used to cover
operating costs.

Additional staff from the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture
and Marketing will help the farm loan board with any increased
workload resulting from the program to ensure there are no
unnecessary delays.

Producers interested in the new program should contact the Nova
Scotia Farm Loan Board at 902-893-6506 or the agricultural
representative in their area.

This new program follows the establishment in mid-August of a
toll-free feed listing service to aid livestock farmers with feed
shortages resulting from the dry weather. The line, set up in
partnership with the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture and
Grain and Forage Nova Scotia, enables producers to list livestock
feed (hay, haylage, etc.) for sale, make inquiries as to what is
listed for sale, or place their name on a list of those wanting
to buy feed.

To date, the line has received 138 calls resulting in 89 listings
--41 to sell feed and 48 to buy.   

The toll-free line will continue to operate as long as there is a
need for the service. The service will also take listings for
other feed types, such as corn silage. 

The toll-free number is 1-888-423-1222 and operates Monday to
Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding noon to 1 p.m. The
service's current listings are available on the Department of
Agriculture and Marketing's website at


Contact: Lynne M. Godlien
         Agriculture and Marketing

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