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Senior representatives of Canada's premier research and
development association arrive in Halifax on Sunday, Sept. 14, to
begin a three-day conference on partnerships. 

The Canadian Research Management Association (CRMA), founded in
1963, is a leadership group of people responsible for planning,
managing and administering scientific and technological research.
The association's membership is responsible for more than 70 per
cent of the research and development conducted in Canada.

Keynote speakers at this year's conference are Arthur Carty,
president of the National Research Council, and Colin Latham,
president and CEO of MT&T. 

Topics to be discussed are Accelerating Technology Diffusion in
Canada, Leveraging Technologies Through Partnerships, Design and
Management of Successful Industry/University/Government R&D
Consortia. Workshops will be held on commercialization and impact
assessment. A presentation will also be made by John Evans,
president of the Canadian Innovation Foundation. 

Co-chairs of the event are Ted Rhodes, principal of DalTech, and
Rollie MacInnis, deputy minister, special projects, with the
government of Nova Scotia. Robbie Harrison, Minister of Education
and Culture, will welcome delegates on behalf of the province.

CRMA's multi-sectoral membership is unique among professional
societies. Its mission is to enhance the productivity and
effectiveness of Canadian research, development and
technology-based innovation.


Contact: Rollie MacInnis
         Priorities and Planning Committee

         Ted Rhodes

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