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Volunteering has a lot of perks --Crystal Bartlett, 22, can
attest to that.

Her volunteer work at Turn Around Point Services Facility, a
halfway house for men in New Minas, led her to a great summer job
as program assistant. And that's just turned into continuing
part-time work for the fourth-year Acadia University sociology

"I just got hired on for the school year as relief worker on
weekends, so the extra experience will be good," said Ms.

With plans to become a parole officer or parole supervisor once
she completes her degree, she figures the more experience she
has, the better her chances of getting a job right out of

This Nova Scotia Employment Program for Students position has
given Ms. Bartlett skills she needs to reach her goal. "I've
learned a lot about how parole works in Nova Scotia, the kinds of
struggles that men have trying to get back into the community,
where they're coming from, and how to run a halfway house," said
Ms. Bartlett.

As program assistant, she co-ordinated the re-entry skills
program, which includes various seminars on topics such as
communication and money management. Ms. Bartlett also said that
having the opportunity to work with people already in the field
has been beneficial.

"I come into contact with the parole officers here about every
two weeks, if not more, and parole supervisors work here at the
house," she said. "This is definitely the field I want to work
Tasha Bigelow, parole supervisor with Turn Around Point, said the
provincial employment program has tremendous benefits for the
agency and the student. "Some days are really hectic here; we
always have people coming and going. It really helps a lot to
have more hands around.

"Being here daily, she (Ms. Bartlett) has learned a lot of
therapy skills, and she's gained a lot of information and
knowledge as to what it is like in a facility like this. It gives
her a background that she can take back to her courses and she
will be able to provide insight into course work as well."
Ms. Bartlett thoroughly enjoys her job and advises all students
to volunteer whenever they can. Being a volunteer opens doors to
greater opportunities, she said. "If I hadn't been volunteering
here, I would never have known about this job."

The Nova Scotia Employment Program for Students is an initiative
of Nova Scotia Economic Development and Tourism. After receiving
approval under the program, employers carry out the hiring,
keeping in mind the student's field of study, and are reimbursed
for part of the student's wages.


Contact: Angela Campbell
         Economic Development and Tourism

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