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Justice Minister Alan Mitchell today released a discussion paper
focusing on policing services in Nova Scotia.

The paper presents a range of options for the development of a
provincial plan on the overall delivery of policing services. The
paper represents a synopsis of issues and options regarding
financing of police services, functions, structure, civilian
involvement and appropriate levels of services. 

Strategic planning sessions were held throughout the province
with the Nova Scotia Association of Chiefs of Police, the Nova
Scotia Association of Police Boards and the Union of Nova Scotia
Municipalities/Department of Justice Advisory Committee on RCMP
Policing. Suggestions made at these sessions form the foundation
of the discussion paper.

"Our goal is to encourage dialogue and generate ideas on every
aspect of service delivery," said Mr. Mitchell. "We want a plan
that will be flexible in meeting the safety needs of Nova
Scotians today and into the next century."

Options for the short and long term are identified. Those issues
requiring immediate action include training, recruitment and
central support services. Those identified as concerns for the
long run include the sharing of resources accrued from the
proceeds of crime and escalating court costs.

The discussion paper will be widely distributed, with feedback
encouraged from a wide variety of stakeholders by Nov. 1, 1997.
The report is on the department's website at, or copies can be picked up
at the Department of Justice, 5151 Terminal Rd., fourth floor.

Interested groups can arrange briefings through the Police and
Public Safety Division. After completion of this consultation
process, the minister of justice will recommend a policing plan
for Nova Scotia.


Contact: Michele McKinnon
         Department of Justice

ngr              September 16, 1997                  3:00 pm