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There will be more co-ordination between the provincial and
municipal levels of government and more co-ordination between
provincial departments on municipal issues, Housing and Municipal
Affairs Minister Guy Brown told a crowded room of municipal
politicians this afternoon.

"I've heard loud and clear your concerns about downloading, and
your frustration when the province makes decisions without
considering their impact on municipalities," said the minister,
who was taking part in a panel discussion during a conference of
the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM) in Sydney.

The provincial government and the UNSM have already taken a major
step toward the resolution of a number of areas of concern. In
late August, the province met with the UNSM to devise a format
that would encourage continuing dialogue toward resolving these
short-and long-term issues.

Mr. Brown said that although municipalities have many concerns,
there have been some positive developments. No one can deny the
success and the positive impact of the Canada/Nova Scotia
Infrastructure Works Program, he said. It's a good example of
what can be achieved when three levels of governments pool

The province invested $70 million in the original program and
committed a further $14.2 million last February. Since 1994, a
total of $225 million has been committed by the three levels of

"That's a big commitment to municipalities," the minster said.
"For that amount of funding, we have received $840 million worth
of applications. The demand has been overwhelming. I am pressing
Ottawa for a third long-term program."

On the issue of municipal restructuring, Mr. Brown said there is
a need for consultation with municipalities. The public interest
will best be served by an effective partnership, he said.


Contact: Guy Brown
         Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs

ngr                 September 17, 1997                4:15 pm