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Municipalities will be getting better tools to do their jobs,
Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister Guy Brown told delegates
at the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM) conference in
Sydney. A second draft of a proposed municipal government act
will be in their hands for comments later this month.

"Municipalities to some degree have been constrained in their
attempts to govern and manage effectively by outdated and
cumbersome legislation. This should change with the new act," the
minister said.

The minister thanked the UNSM for its support in revamping
municipal legislation, a process that began in 1995. The draft
municipal government act covers almost every area of municipal
life and combines some 13 pieces of existing legislation. 

"The draft legislation reflects our commitment to municipal
government and to the people of Nova Scotia to provide them with
the best possible tools to further build and strengthen their
communities," Mr. Brown said.

He invited all Nova Scotians to review and comment on the
proposed legislation, which will be available late September. A
new municipal legislation should reflect the needs and wants of
Nova Scotians today and in the future, he said.

The minister also commended the many councillors who received
long-service awards for their contribution to their communities.

"Municipal government is the level of government closest to the
people," Mr. Brown said. "Municipalities not only provide some of
the most visible and costly services we as citizens enjoy, many
of these services constitute the basis necessities of life. For
that reason, being a municipal politician means a lot on your
plate, but at the same time it is very rewarding. You are making
your community a better place to live."

The minister said he appreciated the opportunity during the
three-day conference ending today to hear firsthand the concerns
of local politicians. The minister participated in a
question-and-answer session with the delegates and also met
individually with several municipal councils concerning local


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ngr                 September 19, 1997                4:20 pm