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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Tied Up In Knots? Take In an Exhibition
Know someone who tied the knot this summer? Is the approaching
winter getting you all tied up in knots? If so, The Knot
Exhibition at the Mary E. Black Gallery may be for you.

From a knot-garden of herbs to a bosun's chair, a cat-o'-nine-tails to a Buddhist knot of eternity, find out more about
knots and the role they play in our lives.

The exhibition, from curator Charlotte Lindgren, takes an
abstract look at the history of knotmaking. Some exhibits reflect
the metaphysical nature of knots, for the knot comes from the
depth of our experience, not just with the cord, but with life
and with ourselves. It becomes an ideal, where the elegance of
the knot's undoing becomes its most elegant feature.

Visitors will discover the past and the present, the ordinary and
the not-so-ordinary. See a quipu, a Peruvian knot calendar, made
by Dartmouth-based basket-maker Joleen Gordon or a weaver's knot
candle-holder made by East Dover blacksmith John Little.

The exhibition will be opened Thursday, Sept. 25, by Petty
Officer Andrew Earnshaw, an instructor at the Naval Operations
School at Windsor Park. Petty Officer Earnshaw will give a brief
history of the knot, and Elizabeth Jones, a published poet and
librarian at Dartmouth High School, will read a poem about knots.

The Mary E. Black Gallery is in the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft
and Design, 1683 Barrington St., Halifax. Gallery hours are
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4


Contact: Chris Tyler
         Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design

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