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PREMIER-Nova Scotia Music Week Celebrated
Acadian jigs, gospel hymns, Celtic rock, toe-tapping country hits
and much more are being heard across the province, as Nova Scotia
Music Week continues from Sept. 21 to Sept. 28.

The week includes concerts, showcases, performances, panels and
meetings, giving Nova Scotians the opportunity to celebrate and
learn more about our growing music industry.

"The talents and reputations of our singers, songwriters and
musicians are world renowned," said Premier Russell MacLellan.
"As Nova Scotia continues its Celebration of Music, this week is
illustrating how important music is to our province, our culture,
our way of life."

Nova Scotia Music Week is being presented by the Music Industry
Association of Nova Scotia. An annual event, it will be a highly
visible demonstration of the province's musical diversity and

"The week is also providing all sectors of the music industry
with the opportunity to get together, share information and
exchange ideas," said Premier MacLellan. "A strong and healthy
music industry not only increases the profile of our artists, but
also generates more money and jobs in our economy."

It is estimated the music industry generates $88 million and
employs more than 1,500 people across Nova Scotia.

A variety of music industry-related organizations are involved in
the planning and organization of this event. They include the
Blues East Society, the Harbour Folk Society, the Atlantic Dance
Music Association, Rock Artists for Artists, the Songwriters
Association of Nova Scotia, and the Society of Composers, Authors
and Music Publishers.


Contact: Peter MacLellan
         Premier's Office 

         Donna MacDonald
         Education and Culture

ngr                September 25, 1997                2:25 pm