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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Waterfront Project to Set Sail
Wolfville's downtown will have more to offer visitors than usual next summer, following an
announcement made today by the Wolfville Waterfront Development Committee.

Government funding is being provided for the development of the town's waterfront. Nova Scotia
Economic Development and Tourism is contributing $96,359 through the Waterfront
Development Fund; the Town of Wolfville is providing $91,290. The Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is contributing $58,333.

Plans for the second phase include providing slope and shoreline protection and increasing the
amount of green space. This will ready the area for new topsoil and turf, decorative walkways,
trees and shrubs. Lighting, underground wiring, and a barrier along the existing rail line will also
be installed in future developments.

"We're committed to supporting projects that contribute to the economy of Nova Scotia
communities," said Education and Culture Minister Robert Harrison, who spoke on behalf of
Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism.

"This project creates employment during the development stage and possible spin-off businesses
when the improvements are finished. The future benefits to local businesses, in terms of increased
visitation to the waterfront area, will bring important economic returns to the town."

The Waterfront Development Fund is designed to assist in the revitalization, both economically
and physically, of waterfront areas throughout Nova Scotia. 

"Tourism is becoming more important to communities in Nova Scotia because of the impact it can
have on the local economy," said Wynne Potter, vice-president of ACOA Nova Scotia.
"Developments that enhance an area's ability to attract tourists are extremely important, and
ACOA is pleased to be able to assist Wolfville with this project."

Heather Hill, chair of the Wolfville Waterfront Development Committee, said the project will add
a new dimension to Wolfville's existing attractions. "The significance of this project is that it
opens up an area that previously has been unknown to visitors," she said. "With more to see and
do in Wolfville, we hope to attract a larger number of visitors which will obviously have a positive
impact on our local economy." 

When the project is complete, new walkways will provide access not only to the waterfront but to
businesses along the main street. Increased visitation may also lead to increased attendance at the
Atlantic Theatre Festival, adjacent to the waterfront, and prompt extended stays in the area.
Further plans for the Wolfville Waterfront Park include interpretive signage about the tides, dikes
and local wildlife. 


Contact: Steve Fairbairn 
              Economic Development & Tourism

              David Kaulback
             Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

             Heather Hill
             Wolfville Waterfront Development Committee

sab                                           Sept. 29, 1997               5:17 p.m.