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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Chignecto-Central Signs 10 School

EDUCATION/CULTURE--Chignecto-Central Signs 10 School Council
Fourteen schools in the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board
have officially opened their doors to their communities by
signing School Advisory Council Letters of Agreement.

Board chair Mary Stevenson and Education and Culture Minister
Robbie Harrison joined members of the school councils, which
include students, parents, teachers, support staff, principals
and other members of the community, to sign 10 agreements.

"For most of the schools here today, partnerships and open doors
have long been a way of life," said Mr. Harrison at the signing
Wednesday, Oct. 1. "This signing will strengthen this sense of
community, forge new relationships and aid all education partners
who are working together in the best interests of our children
and their education."

Ms. Stevenson said school advisory councils play a key role in
the education system. "Working together with the councils, we can
make a difference in the education of our children."

Those signing agreements included A.G. Baillie Memorial School,
Amherst Regional High School, Northport Consolidated School, R.B.
Dickey School, Springhill Junior/Senior High, St. Charles
Elementary, and West Highlands Elementary.

Brookdale Elementary and Jonathan McCully School combined for one
agreement, as did Parrsboro Regional Elementary and Parrsboro
Regional High School. Also working together under one agreement
are Westville High, Church Street School, Victoria School and
Walter Duggan Consolidated.

"Each of our schools is unique with many different challenges and
opportunities, but they all share the common goal of being safe,
happy and successful schools," said Mr. Harrison. "We should
applaud the successes of each and every council."

Council responsibilities include developing school improvement
plans and profiles, advising on school discipline, developing
short-and long-term school goals, creating programs to promote
academic achievement and extra-curricular activities, and
communicating with education partners.


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