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TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS--Lowering of Boat Harbour Water Level
The Department of Transportation and Public Works will begin to
lower the water level at Boat Harbour on Friday, Oct. 3. 

Over the next 12 weeks, the water level will be lowered by about
a metre. Stop logs will be removed from a hydraulic control weir,
allowing water to flow into Northumberland Strait. 

The process will return about 28 hectares (69 acres) of land to
the Pictou Landing First Nation and the Crown. The water level
was raised in 1972 as part of the wastewater treatment process
for the nearby mill; as a result, adjacent property was flooded.

In August, area residents were invited to two open houses to
review the process and speak with staff from the Department of
Transportation and Public Works, Environment Canada, and
consultants from Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd. and CanTox

In response to a suggestion by an open house participant, copies
of the report Shoreline Remediation Boat Harbour Stabilization
Lagoon, by consultants Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd., will be
available at the Pictou/Antigonish Regional Library, New Glasgow,
and with Mr. Robert Christie of the Pictou Harbour Environmental
Protection Project.


Contact: Arun Kumbhare, project manager
         Transportation and Public Works
         Natalie Webster
         Transportation and Public Works

ngr                 October 2, 1997                  12:25 pm