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NATURAL RESOURCES--Request Tobeatic Boundary Change Withdrawn
The Acting Minister of Natural Resources, Fisheries Minister Jim
Barkhouse, has confirmed that a request for a change in the
boundary of the Tobeatic protected area in western Nova Scotia
has been withdrawn.

"A letter withdrawing the request was received this morning from
Mr. William Shaw, agent for CAG Enterprises of Antigonish, the
company that holds exploration licences for some areas just
outside the Tobeatic protected area," said Mr. Barkhouse.

Under Nova Scotia's Protected Areas Strategy, development
activities such as forestry and mining are not permitted within
protected areas. A moratorium on these types of activities has
been in effect since early 1993 and it remains in force.

"It was well known to CAG Enterprises when their exploration
licences were issued this past spring that the Tobeatic protected
area was off limits for exploration, so the request to alter the
boundary was not up for consideration," said Mr. Barkhouse.


Contact: Jim Barkhouse
         Acting Minister of Natural Resources

         Blain Henshaw
         Department of Natural Resources

ngr                October 2, 1997                      3:35 pm