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MARITIME HARNESS RACING--Support for Lotto's Harness Racing Plan
The Nova Scotia cabinet has agreed in principle to a business
plan submitted by the Atlantic Lotto Corp. pertaining to the
future of the harness racing industry in Atlantic Canada,
Agriculture and Marketing Minister Ed Lorraine, as Minister
responsible for the Maritime Harness Racing Commission Act,
announced today.

"The harness racing industry is important to this region and to
the economy of Nova Scotia," said Mr. Lorraine. "A significant
number of Nova Scotians are employed by the province's three
tracks and by the businesses that service the industry. A strong
and viable harness racing industry benefits the whole province."

The minister said details of the business plan will not be
released until Newfoundland and New Brunswick have had the
opportunity to make their decisions regarding the corporation's
proposal. Prince Edward Island expressed support for the proposal
in mid-September.


Contact: Lynne M. Godlien
         Agriculture and Marketing

ngr                  October 3, 1997                  10:15 am