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AGRICULTURE/MARKETING--Celebrating Agriculture, Helping Food

AGRICULTURE/MARKETING--Celebrating Agriculture, Helping Food Bank
The Nova Scotia Agriculture Awareness Committee today kicked off
Agriculture Awareness Month by unveiling The Rainbow of Choice
for a Family of Four exhibit at the Atlantic Winter Fair's Ag Cot
Discovery Centre.

The exhibit, which shows the amount of food it takes to feed an
average family of four in a year, is based on Canada's Food Guide
and highlights the diversity and nutritional value of foods
produced and processed in Nova Scotia. The food was donated by
grocery chains, smaller businesses and producers from across the

"I think people will be absolutely amazed at the variety of
products that are produced and processed here in Nova Scotia,"
said Susan Horne, co-chair of the Agriculture Awareness
Committee. "It's staggering to see just how much we depend on
agriculture every day."

The committee today presented the first of several food donations
from the Family of Four exhibit to Dianne Swinemar, executive
director of the Metro Food Bank. Also presented was food donated
by the more than 4,000 Halifax area schoolchildren who took part
in Children's Day at the Ag Cot Discovery Centre. The entire
exhibit will be donated to the food bank during October.

"This exhibit shows what a typical family of food eats in a year.
Unfortunately, the families we serve don't have access to this
volume of food," said Ms. Swinemar. "But these donations will go
a long way in helping us feed people in need and we thank the
Agriculture Awareness Committee for its generosity. It's very
much appreciated."

Agriculture and Marketing Minister Ed Lorraine, officials of
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and representatives from the
province's agricultural industry also attended today's event. 

"Agriculture impacts all our lives," said Mr. Lorraine. "The
industry provides us with fresh, nutritious, great-tasting food,
employs over 16,000 Nova Scotians and supports our rural

"The Family of Four exhibit, Ag Cot Centre, the Atlantic Winter
Fair and Agriculture Awareness Month celebrate agriculture, and I
am glad we are able to provide quality Nova Scotia products to
the Metro Food Bank." 

The Agriculture Awareness Committee, which co-ordinated the
exhibit, will also develop educational kits for schools using
photos and information about the exhibit. The project will be
carried out with funding from the Nova Scotia Department of
Agriculture and Marketing, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The committee is a partnership of agricultural organizations,
rural associations and government. It was created in 1989 as a
means to enhance people's awareness of the importance of
agriculture to their lives and the province.  

The Ag Cot Discovery Centre was established at the Atlantic
Winter Fair in 1992 as an interactive centre of exhibits designed
to teach children about agriculture and illustrate to the public
the importance of agriculture.  

The centre will be open Oct. 3-5 and 11-13. The Rainbow of Choice
Display for a Family of Four will also be open Oct. 17-19.


Contact: Susan Horne
         Nova Scotia Agriculture Awareness Committee 

         Lynne Godlien
         Nova Scotia Agriculture and Marketing

         Wayne Riley
         Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
         E-mail: rileyW@em.AGR.CA

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