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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Action on Cole Harbour Report Needed Now
Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison and Halifax
Regional School Board chair Vicki Brown said action on the Cole
Harbour report, authored by Dr. Blye Frank, will begin

Ms. Brown said she is encouraged by the minister's support for
the school board in this matter. She has called an emergency
board meeting for Monday where both short-and long-term
strategies will be discussed to provide a safe and orderly school
environment at Cole Harbour District High.

"With the Blye Frank report, the school board has the tool to get
started --it's time to put that tool to work," Mr. Harrison said. 
"The safety and security of students, teachers and school staff
must be the first consideration."

"This is a serious issue that will not be resolved overnight,"
Ms. Brown said. "However, to get to where we need to go, we must
take the first step."  

A committee involving representatives of the school board, school
and school advisory council, Education Department and RCMP is
already working to identify and act on the immediate priorities. 

School board staff will hold a meeting this week for parents only
on Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m. at Cole Harbour District High. The
need for zero-tolerance of violent or racist behaviour will be
stressed. As well, information on increased security, in
co-operation with the RCMP, will be shared. Meetings will be held
for students following their return to school.  

School will be closed Monday and Tuesday. A decision on
re-opening will be made Tuesday.  

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Contacts:  Vicki Brown 
           chair, Halifax Regional School Board, 

           Don Trider 
           superintendent, Halifax Regional School Board 
           902-462-3265 (Sunday) or 902-464-2232  
           Donna MacDonald 
           Department of Education & Culture 
           902-424-2615 or 902-499-0264 

sab                      Oct. 5, 1997      1:45 p.m.