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HEALTH--New Hospital For Residents of Cumberland County
Premier Russell MacLellan announced today construction of a new
hospital for the residents of Cumberland County. Health Minister
Jim Smith joined the premier in Amherst for the announcement.

"The time has come to replace Highland View Regional Hospital
with a brand-new facility," said Premier MacLellan. "Today we are
giving you government's commitment to work in partnership with
the Northern Regional Health Board and the residents of
Cumberland County to build a new hospital for the area."

The new hospital will replace Highland View Regional and provide
acute care. There will also be an increased focus on ambulatory
care and clinics.

The Northern Regional Health Board will ensure the health care
services provided at the new facility are consistent with
provincial health strategies and are responding to the
community's and region's health care needs.

The cost of construction is estimated to be about $30 million.
The province will pick up 75 per cent of the cost, or $22.5
million. The community is responsible for the remaining 25 per
cent, or $7.5 million. So far, the Highland View Regional
Hospital Foundation's Above and Beyond fund-raising campaign has
raised $6.7 million.

"The community has done a tremendous job in generating monies to
turn plans for the new hospital into a reality," said Dr. Smith.
"The results of their generosity will help to enhance the
delivery of health care services to residents of Cumberland
County well into the future."

The Northern Regional Health Board is responsible for project
management for the new facility. A site is still to be


Contact: Sue McKeage
         Department of Health

         Eileen MacIsaac
         Northern Regional Health Board

ngr                   October 6, 1997                  3:30 pm