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N.S. DAIRY COMMISSION--No Price Increase for Milk
The Nova Scotia Dairy Commission today announced it has rejected
an application by the Nova Scotia Milk Producers Association for
a six cents per litre increase in the price of fluid milk.

"The commission is aware that weather conditions impacted
significantly on the 1997 forage crop and that dairy producers
are facing higher costs," said commission chair Bill MacLennan.
"The impact, however, varies considerably from farm to farm, and
the commission feels that an equal across-the-board price
increase is not a proper solution to this problem."

In arriving at this decision, the commission considered a number
of factors, including the low supply of forage available due to
this summer's dry weather, decreased feed grain prices at the
national level, the present level of Nova Scotia milk prices, and
the impact that the proposed price increase would have on

The commission continues to be concerned about the impact of the
summer's drought on farms in the province and is prepared to take
part in alternative mechanisms for the relief of those severely


Contact: Bill MacLennan
         Nova Scotia Dairy Commission

ngr                 October 7, 1997                 4:15 pm