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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Focus on Bridgetown Waterfront
Visitors to Bridgetown will have reason to stay a little longer
next summer, thanks to waterfront developments outlined today at
the Bridgetown Development Centre. 

Construction of a riverside look-off platform starts this month,
following the announcement of a $118,000 waterfront improvement
project by the Bridgetown Waterfront Development Society.

Developments over the next 12 months include improvements to
Jubilee Park, the Solomon Chute Brook and the Solomon Chute Marsh
Area walkway, the construction of a look-off platform over the
Annapolis River, a new boat launch and a banner display featuring
an image of the Cyprus, a historical ship built in Bridgetown
which has been chosen as the project theme.

The project will be funded by Economic Development and Tourism's
Waterfront Development Program ($70,946) and Bridgetown
Waterfront Development Society ($39,013), in partnership with the
Town of Bridgetown, the Western Valley Development Authority,
Bridgetown District Improvement Commission, Bridgetown Board of
Trade, Investors Group, and others.

"On completion, this project will give Bridgetown's waterfront a
cultural and historical focus that should attract more visitors
and encourage them to stay longer," said Manning MacDonald,
Minister of Economic Development and Tourism. "As a result of
longer stays in the area, we can look to more business for local
restaurants, shops and accommodations, and more opportunities for
tour operators."

"We're very excited about this project and have had nothing but
positive feedback from the businesses and organizations within
the town," said Joanne Acker, chair of the Bridgetown Waterfront
Development Society. "The new developments are going to add a
tremendous amount to the town, both from an economic development
perspective and from the perspective of enriching what the town
has to offer.

"The Annapolis River is so beautiful and so full of history -- 
after all, Bridgetown was a once a major shipbuilding centre. Our
goal is to make the river truly accessible to the public and to
create new opportunities for the river to play a central role in
the life of the community."

The Bridgetown Waterfront Development Society was founded in July
1996 as a consortium of key partners in the community. Since
then, the organization has completed the planning and design for
the project and put together the funding partners for today's


Contact: Steve Fairbairn
         Economic Development and Tourism

         Janet Larkman
         Western Valley Development Authority

ngr                October 7, 1997                 4:25 pm