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LABOUR--Office of the Fire Marshal--Fire Prevention Week
Fire prevention activities are taking place throughout Nova
Scotia as part of Fire Prevention Week, which runs until Oct. 11. 

Officials from the Office of the Fire Marshal and community fire
departments are sponsoring fire safety information displays,
school lectures, fat-fryer exchange programs and safe woodstove

"Education is the key to preventing fire loss," said Fire Marshal
Bob Cormier. "Fire Prevention Week is a time to renew our
commitment to reducing fire's tragic impact on our communities."

The fire marshal's annual report for 1996 shows that fire claimed
11 lives and injured 50 Nova Scotians, including 18 firefighters.
Fire caused about $24.6 million worth of damage. Leading causes
of fire were heating equipment, smoking materials, open flames,
and cooking and electrical equipment. 

The good news, said the fire marshal, is the figures have dropped
and stabilized over the past two years. He cited the Learn Not to
Burn children's education program, increased partnerships with
consumers and suppliers, and the commitment of the fire service
as reasons for the improvement.

Some safety tips from the fire marshal include: installing and
maintaining a working smoke detector; mapping and practising a
fire escape plan; using an electrically controlled and approved
deep fat fryer;  keeping lighters and matches out of the reach of
children; storing combustible materials a safe distance from
heating equipment; and avoiding smoking if sleepy.

Another tip is to buy only approved heating and electrical
equipment, and to have it maintained and repaired by qualified
service personnel. When buying or servicing a woodstove, ask
about certification from the Wood Energy Technical Training

Labour Minister Gerald O'Malley, Minister responsible for the
Office of the Fire Marshal, praised fire departments and
auxiliaries across the province. "Each year paid and volunteer
firefighters save lives and property and provide leadership and
education. They are courageous and dedicated individuals.

The minister called on all Nova Scotians to work toward fire
prevention. "Support your local fire department, educate yourself
and your family, and have a fire-free year."

Contact: Bob Cormier
         Office of the Fire Marshal

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