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NATURAL RESOURCES--Survey to Assess Extent of Tussock Moth
Natural Resources Minister Ken MacAskill said a six to eight week
survey to determine the extent of tussock moth infestation in
central and northern Nova Scotia is now underway.

"This is a joint effort, involving Natural Resources staff and
employees of private sector forestry companies," said Mr.
MacAskill. "About 40 people will be in the field, collecting
foliage samples for egg masses. This will help to determine the
level of tussock moth population so that the potential for
infestation next year can be assessed."

The survey is being done in Colchester, Guysborough, Cumberland,
Antigonish and Pictou counties, as well as part of Halifax

This past summer there was heavy defoliation damage by tussock
moths over an area of about 15,000 hectares (38,000 acres) in
Colchester County. A small trial spray program on a 50 hectare
(125 acre) site in August indicated the biological insecticide
B.t.k. (Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki) is very  effective in
combatting the insect.

Results of the current egg mass survey will be analysed this fall
and winter. The forest protection division of the Department of
Natural Resources will determine the full extent of the current
infestation and assess next year's potential for damage and

The tussock moth defoliates both hardwood and softwood species
and also attacks agricultural crops such as blueberries.


Contact:  Blain Henshaw 
          Natural Resources

          Susan Mader Zinck   
          Natural Resources

          Walter Fanning 
          manager, Forest Protection

ngr                 October 9, 1997                   2:20 pm