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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Major Science Education Plan Announced
Canadian Ministers of Education today released the Common
Framework of Science Learning Outcomes, K to 12. The framework
defines the skills, attitudes and knowledge for students from
Primary to Grade 12 that contribute to scientific literacy.

Using this framework, Nova Scotia science teachers will improve
the curriculum. Nova Scotia teachers are currently working with
the Department of Education and Culture to develop pilot

"This framework is a collection of the best practices in Nova
Scotia and throughout Canada," said Education and Culture
Minister Robbie Harrison. "Nova Scotia teachers will use this
framework in developing curriculum that meets the demands of our
increasingly technological and scientific world."

Pilot programs for grades Primary to 10 will be introduced in the
fall of 1998. The four Atlantic provinces have a new common
curriculum for grades 11 and 12 physics, chemistry and biology.
The Pan-Canadian science framework provides a common reference
for future improvement.

The Council of Ministers of Education Canada is an
intergovernmental body made up of the ministers of education and
advanced education from the provinces and territories. Through
the council, ministers share information and undertake projects
in areas of mutual interest and concern.

"The council of ministers have completed a high-priority project
-- one that is sure to improve Canadian education," said Mr.
Harrison. "Nova Scotia's science teachers helped to build and
will now use this work for the benefit of our students."


Contact: Catherine MacIsaac
         Education and Culture

ngr                  Oct. 17, 1997                4:40 pm