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FINANCE--Dara Gordon to Act as Gaming Corporation Chair
Finance Minister Bill Gillis confirmed today that Dara Gordon,
Nova Scotia Gaming Corp.'s vice-chair, has assumed the
responsibilities of chair until a permanent chair is found.

"I am pleased that Ms. Gordon has agreed to provide leadership
until a new chair is appointed," said the minister. The
appointment will be made within the next few months, Dr. Gillis

"Ms. Gordon is very knowledgeable about gaming issues and, in her
position as vice-chair, is completely familiar with the history
and the issues currently before the corporation. The corporation
will benefit from her skill and ability as it moves forward."

Ms. Gordon has held the position of vice-chair with the
corporation since February 1995. She has also served as Nova
Scotia's representative on the board of the Atlantic Lottery
Corp., which administers lotteries in Atlantic Canada and
contributes the majority of the corporation's revenues. She is a
partner with the law firm of Patterson Palmer Hunt Murphy in

Ms. Gordon has extensive experience with legal and financing
aspects of business in the private sector. She also represented
Canada in the financing of the $840-million Northumberland Strait
crossing and is a member of the Canada Council of Public-Private

She serves on the boards of the Nova Scotia Law Foundation, the
Nova Scotia Barristers Society, the Dalhousie Law School Alumni
Association and the Chamber of Mineral Resources. 

Ms. Gordon will appear before the legislature's public accounts
committee on behalf of the corporation on Wednesday, Oct. 22.  

"The corporation's mandate is to look out for the best interests
of Nova Scotians when it comes to the gaming business," said Ms.
Gordon. "Right now, we are working with Sheraton to build the
right casino for Nova Scotia.

"Another key issue is making sure that Nova Scotia gets its fair
share of profit from Atlantic Lotto --an issue currently under
discussion with shareholders in each province."

The gaming corporation is working on an updated agreement with
its casino business partner, ITT Sheraton. That agreement is
expected to go to cabinet for approval in the next few weeks.


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