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HOUSING/MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS--Aid for Heritage Property Owners
Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister Guy Brown today announced
the details of a program that will further ensure the continued
preservation of Nova Scotia's historic buildings.

Under this program, owners of buildings protected under the
Heritage Property Act may be able to claim a rebate of the
provincial portion of the harmonized sales tax paid in connection
with exterior building maintenance.  

"This program will not only support building preservation, but
also acknowledge the commitment demonstrated by owners of these
heritage properties," said Mr. Brown.

Owners of provincially registered heritage properties are
eligible; as well, the program is extended to those heritage
properties protected by municipalities, including municipally
registered heritage properties and heritage properties within
Heritage Conservation Districts.

Owners of municipally protected properties may apply for a rebate
at their municipal office. Application forms and other
information will be forwarded directly to municipal

Since passage of the Heritage Property Act in 1980, the province
has registered 225 properties. Forty-five municipalities have
adopted heritage property bylaws and collectively registered more
than 1,000 properties. Two Heritage Conservation Districts, in
Maitland and Yarmouth, have been established under the act, with
others currently being developed. 

For more than a decade, the province has maintained a variety of
grant assistance programs for heritage properties. This new
rebate program is the only such sales tax rebate program for
heritage buildings in Canada. 

"This steady development of heritage programs coincides with a
growing public appreciation that we have in such buildings," said
the minister. "They are an important cultural and economic
resource. As with any resource, the public challenge is to ensure
its appropriate conservation and wise use."


Contact: Wayde Brown
         Housing and Municipal Affairs

         Michelle Whelan
         Housing and Municipal Affairs

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