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EDUCATION/CULTURE--Francophone Teachers Share Distance Class
Almost 50 elementary teachers from Cape Breton to Clare-Argyle
are taking French first-language professional development
programs through distance education.

The programs are made possible through a partnership agreement
signed today by Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison,
Canadian Heritage representative Teresa Dore, Harley d'Entremont,
president of Universite Ste-Anne, and Rejean Sirois,
superintendent of Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP).
Acadian Affairs Minister Allister Surette and Wayne Gaudet,
Minister of Business and Consumer Affairs, acted as witnesses to
the agreement signing.

Mr. Harrison applauded the co-operation among French
first-language education partners. "We have great teachers in
this province, but teachers deserve and need professional
development so the quality of teaching is maintained and
enhanced. Here we have three partners --all with an interest in
teacher education --putting good ideas to work, to support the
quality of teaching.

"That means teachers benefit. That means students benefit."

The four-year agreement focuses on priority areas identified by
CSAP. In the first phase, elementary teachers are taking French
first-language programming. A high school mathematics and science
professional development program is also being proposed. These
30-credit programs are generally extended over three years. 

Currently, one professor in Pomquet and another from within the
university are teaching elementary French-first language.
Teachers link in and participate simultaneously from Acadian
schools across the province.

Mr. Sirois said teachers are enthusiastic. "We've exceeded our
expectations. Teachers are participating in every region and in
most of our schools across the province. By using our interactive
video-technology, our teachers virtually share one classroom,
learning together and exchanging ideas. This enthusiasm and high
participation is just another example of our teachers' commitment
to their students, and to their continuing professional

Dr. d'Entremont said Universite Ste-Anne is pleased to extend its
teacher education programming to more teachers in more parts of
the province. "We have an excellent teacher education program in
place, and we are continually building to make it even better.
With the technology in place, we can extend this programming well
beyond the walls of our institution, and I hope to see other
partnerships that can expand this potential."

An advisory committee, with representatives from the three
partners, develops the programs and administers the agreement.
Cost of the initiative is shared 50-50 by the Department of
Education and Culture and Heritage Canada.


Contacts: Donna MacDonald
          Education and Culture
          E-mail: macdondc@gov.ns

          Rejean Sirois
          Conseil scolaire acadien provincial

          Nadine Belliveau
          Universite Ste-Anne

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