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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Yarmouth Nets New Manufacturer
A netting manufacturer is gearing up for business at Yarmouth's
industrial complex on Water Street. Warp Tech Inc. will hire up
to 14 people to make nylon products ranging from pen closures for
the aquaculture industry to baseball cages for the sport market.  

Government support for the enterprise was announced in Yarmouth
today, Oct. 27, by Senator Al Graham, on behalf of Pierre
Pettigrew, Minister of Human Resources Development Canada, and
Yarmouth MLA Richie Hubbard, on behalf Manning MacDonald,
Minister of Economic Development and Tourism.

"This project will create valuable employment opportunities for
residents in the Yarmouth area," said Senator Graham.  "We're
pleased to be able to support this economic initiative which
provides support to the textile industry." 

The federal government is investing $332,899 through the
Transitional Jobs Fund, administered by Human Resources
Development Canada. The province is providing a $639,000 loan and
a $155,000 non-repayable contribution to the company.

"New businesses like Warp Tech Inc. will put our people back to
work and create economic spinoffs that benefit the region as a
whole," said Mr. Hubbard. "I'd like to thank our government and
Team South West in particular for making the investments needed
to attract new business to our region."

Team South West is a special cabinet committee chaired by Human
Resources Minister Allister Surette to deal with economic
concerns in the area.

"The company chose to set up in Yarmouth for several reasons,"
said owner Ken Chong. "First of all, we liked the area. We also
knew we would find people with expertise in the textile industry
because Dominion Textiles used to operate here. Close proximity
to Shelburne's deep water port was also a factor in choosing our

The company plans to export its products to customers throughout
North America.

The plant will be up and running by January 1998, Mr. Chong said.
"Our equipment is being built specifically for us now, and we'll
be sending several people to Germany for an extensive
skills-upgrading program on machine operation and repair."

The company is looking for people with experience in textile
manufacturing to work at the new facility. Warp Tech expects to
employ 14 in the first year and 19 by the end of the third year.

The South West Shore Development Authority played a key role in
securing the new business and is now working to accommodate the
manufacturer at the industrial complex.

"We look forward to welcoming Warp Tech into our business
community," said Frank Anderson, chief executive officer of the
development authority. "This is yet another example of how we're
turning vacant buildings into positive assets for the community
and the region."

The government of Canada's Transitional Jobs Fund totals $300
million over three years and promotes economic growth and
employment in areas of high unemployment. The fund was
implemented at the same time as the Employment Insurance System
on July 1, 1996, and assists regions throughout Canada to develop
long-term sustainable employment in areas that have good
prospects for future growth. 

The Transitional Jobs Fund is designed to encourage partnership
initiatives with other levels of government, the private sector
and community groups. Projects are subject to consultations with
the provincial or territorial government in which the activity
takes place, regardless of their financial participation.
Projects must also be consistent with regional economic
development strategies.


Contact: Angela Poirier
         Economic Development and Tourism 

         Kathy Moggridge
         Human Resources Development Canada

         Ken Chong
         Warp Tech Inc.

         Frank Anderson
         South West Shore Development Authority

         Bob Manuel
         Human Resource Centre of Canada, Yarmouth

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