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PREMIER'S OFFICE--Jim Campbells Barrens Back on Protected List
Premier Russell MacLellan announced today he will be placing the
Jim Campbells Barrens back on Nova Scotia's list of protected
lands and spaces.

The barrens, a boggy area in the Cape Breton Highlands, had
originally been on a list of 31 proposed protected areas drawn up
by government and endorsed by a citizens' review team. The area
was taken off the list by government last year to allow for
mineral exploration.

"Effective this moment, I will be directing that the area in
northern Cape Breton known as the Jim Campbells Barrens be listed
once again among those lands and spaces in our province to be
protected from development and preserved for the natural
enjoyment of our people," Premier MacLellan declared.

The premier said his decision was based on the principle of
integrity in environmental decision-making, saying that "once a
decision is made to protect lands and spaces from development,
that such decisions be irrevocable."

He also announced the government will transfer responsibility for
protected spaces and the provincial park system to the Department
of the Environment from the Department of Natural Resources,
explaining that Natural Resources' responsibility to pursue both
commercial development and environmental preservation mandates
required independent decision-making.

"This transfer reaffirms our determination to protect our
priceless natural assets from the temptations of the marketplace
and bring sharper focus to the government's environmental
agenda," he said.

Premier MacLellan said the legislation required to place the
barrens under legal protection and effect the requisite
departmental transfers would be introduced into the Legislative
Assembly as soon as possible.


Contact: Peter MacLellan
         Office of the Premier

jlw                       Oct. 29, 1997        1 p.m.