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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM--Talks Continuing with Ontario Firm
The province of Nova Scotia is in the midst of negotiations with
the Ranka Group, a textile company based in Markham, Ont., over
the creation of a manufacturing facility for rural Nova Scotia.
The plant would initially employ about 400 people.

The project came to the province through the Cape Breton County
Regional Economic Development Authority. The authority
participated directly with Economic Development and Tourism in
the initial stages of the negotiation and has continued to
provide support to the process. 

A number of buildings are under consideration in various

"We've had extensive discussions with Ranka already," said
Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism.
"We were speaking with the company president just this afternoon.

"There are jobs at stake here, so of course we're going to pursue
this vigorously. But we have to make a deal that makes sense for
the province. And we can do that best by negotiating in a
business-like manner. Because of a confidentiality agreement, I'm
not able to provide further details."


Contact: Rick Alexander
         Economic Development and Tourism

ngr               Oct. 29, 1997                 3:10 p.m.